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Stockholm : UD, 2010-03-18

[Jemen - straff för desertering mm]

1. Does it occur that Yemeni authorities announce a vacancy regarding, for example a police officer, only to inform those who turn up that they are to be stationed as soldiers in another conflict-affected area, such as Sa'dah?
It is a normal procedure that the ministry of defense announce vacancies from time to time for military services and it has nothing to do with conflict in "Sa'dah"

2. What risks must he who goes into exile and not complete his duty as a soldier, take into consideration on his return to the country?

3. What is the punishment for deserting? Is "Republican Decree, By Law No. 12 for 1994, Concerning Crimes and Penalties" still valid?

Answer for question no. 2 & 3 are as follows:

A. Republican decree by law no. 12 for 1994 concerning Crimes and Penalties still valid and effected in order. That law talks about "Crimes and Penalties" in general in many fields, but section no. 10 talks in details about Crimes and Penalties in military service, which is as follows:

Quote: Article (55) : Imprisonment for term not exceeding five years each person who escaped from military service in war engagement and is punished by imprisonment for not exceeding one year if avoided military service in peace time

Article (56) Punished by imprisonment for term not exceeding five year, each convinced or sought or planed the other person in escaping from military service during war engagement and punishment shall be imprisonment for term not exceeding one year if such acts in time of peace

Article (57) Punished by imprisonment for term not exceeding one year, every person who was in knowledge with the determination of a people to flee, and did not report to his top officer and did not take his best means to arrest the fugitive

Article (58) Punished by imprisonment for term not exceeding six month every soldier who was absent from the site in charge of guarding his weapon or camp that he should be in, the soldier will be dismissed from military service if his absent exceeding sixty days without legitimate excuse

Article (59) A- Punished by imprisonment for term not exceeding six months each person who has committed a crime for failure to perform mandatory national defense service despite being recalled. B- Punished by imprisonment for term not exceeding two years if his failure in the service field Unquote:

For your information, there was military service for one year for all students after high school, but this system temporary suspended since last ten years

4. Do you have information regarding army camps in Taiz?
Yes, there are many military camps in Taiz

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